National Campaign for

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month

  April 2016


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The MBW Campaign

Moving Beyond Witness is a Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month (GAPM) national campaign to inspire community led initiatives to mark April 2016 as a month that nationally commemorates the past century of genocide and creates solidarity among people willing and able to respond to ongoing modern day genocides around the world.

Moving Beyond Witness is rooted in the genuine belief that each individual possesses the inherent power to move beyond being a witness and harness their own power to take action to end genocide. Moving Beyond Witness offers online actions including policy-oriented engagement, social media action, and a creative, offline action that empowers communities to define what it means to move beyond witness. Here’s a one page overview of the campaign and partners.

Get started! Download the Moving Beyond Witness toolkit, check out the map of events below, and if you need help or have any questions, contact us!



Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month offers survivors, upstanders, and advocates the opportunity to join remember, commemorate, and act on behalf of those affected by genocide. We encourage everyone – students, teachers, faith leaders, mothers and fathers, and community leaders – to organize an event during April. Download the Moving Beyond Witness toolkit to get started! Not sure where to start? Check out the map of events, download the toolkit, or contact us!


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Create: Moving Beyond Witness Hands

We encourage you to create an image of a hand that reflects what moving beyond witness to genocide and mass atrocities means to you.

The image of a hand has significance in many cultures and represents an important symbol. Hands can be about making an impact and they evoke a sense of action, cooperation, outreach, and community. Join us in making your hand a symbol of your commitment to end genocide and mass atrocities.

Starting April 1st, change your social media avatar to a photo of your hand and commitment to moving beyond witness.

After your genocide awareness and prevention month events, please send your hands and photos of events to i-ACT. An artist will create an installation.

Overview                                               Examples

Please mail your hands to the Carl Wilkens Fellowship in May 2015. We will work with an artist to create a traveling or permanent installation with all the Moving Beyond Witness Hands.


Take Action


We all have the power to make an impact. In April, add your voice to the individual petition to President Obama and ask your Member of Congress to do the same.

Policy recommendations and actions will be made available leading up to April 2015 and will include the following actions:


Learn More

Educate yourself and your community using these easy tools and downloads.



Moving Beyond Witness is a collaborative campaign made up of regional and national groups working to educate and activate individual citizens to remember those we have lost to genocide and work to end current mass atrocities.

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The views described here do not necessarily reflect the policy positions and prescriptions of all campaign partners. Contact each partner directly with specific questions or concerns.

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